(A letter to Runs Girls)

Shoko yokoto

I hail ooo auntie.
You wey dey help women keep their husband.
Dey totori men senses with your wicked jeans from every brand.
Gucci, Prada, all to make men brain disband.
Dey make men give you all the moni wey them work for through your command

I hail ooo
Work for office you nor gree do.
So so women husband dey stick to you like glue
You don turn yasef to alaga madame overdo
Dey distribute your value like say na papa Dasuki pot of stew.
Sunday reach, you don run go church pew
All to get new members make them come pay all your dues.

Take your time sha o.
Your pot of shame don almost full.
The beating wey you go collect go dey bountiful
Dose acid carrying wives dey mostly dey unmerciful.
Their pikin guardian angels sef no go hear say your face adorable.
Them go change am for you like soldier wey meet agbero wey talk say him dey invincible.

To the uncle dem
You don hear of dat pikin wey no let im mama rest
Na devil you dey give invitation come your house like honorable guest.
Wen ur fowl yansh open for public, only you go attest.
Say all power and wisdom for this world no dey for man chest.

okonta kosi