Locked in a locket;
Were these three words.

Locked in His worth;
Are these two definites.

Locked in His power;
Are these two attributes.

Alpha and Omega.
First among all others.
From who, life sprouts.
Establishing its tendrils as His dearly beloved.
A royal people upon whom He pours His daily rain.

Alpha and Omega.
The last bus stop to all ills.
Nothing resisting the power He wields.
Chains of fever falls at His touch.
Death's sting dies at His porch.

Rustling sounds break the eerie silence.
The sounds of them delivered from palsy.

Accentuated cries of an infant breaks out in the gloomy homes.
Signs of the Alphas' rain on a fallow ground.

Hands clasped firmly to Bae (wives).
Tiny platter of feet running ahead to the altar.
We march.

To give You all glory.
As you made our hearts merry.
Filled our fields with ripe berries.
Pomegranates of joy that strengthens the weary.

okonta kosi