Gleam droplets of hope to a weary soul.
Large pitcher of life,
Quenching every thirst of meaning

Inspired by truth,
Still the same from age to age.
Handed down through painful sacrifice.

Inundated with power.
Saving the damned from sheol (hell)
Rescuing the oppressed from the predator.
Delivering the sick from the scourge.
Overcoming the cold clutches of death to give hope for eternal life.

A literature of refuge.
Creating a shield to protect against fiery darts.
Establishing a fortress against the minions of self destruction.
Instituting a garrison from which we could launch an attack against the forces of malice and stagnation. 

The path to life
Offering instructions unto life.
Presenting reproofs to starve off destruction.
Raising praises for upliftment purposes.
Oh Ancient words!
Breathe life into us all

okonta kosi