(Special Tribute to my intercessors especially Odumosu Funke and Ibiomhe Naomi)

With a troubled mind.
Hands shaking with tremor.
A quaking voice broken by deep groans of pain,
I called them.

From the paths of righteousness I had strayed.
Diverting into the way to hell by a pretty blonde in a red skirt.

The battlefield of faith I had deserted.
Dropping my weapons in search of forbidden waters to quench a momentary strange thirst.

From the word of life, I had dropped my gaze
Looking unto unprofitable sights of the hearts.

His presence,
I stopped yearning for.
Instead seeking to attain worldly riches that brought the fall.

Oh! What a miserable man I have become.
These words, my mind ruminated on.
For I could not seem to live right.

The darts of guilt assailed me
Barring my thoughts from remembering God's word.

Depressing voices haunted my rest.
Gently nudging me towards taking a pill and ending it all.

Until I called them.

A call to true believers in Christ
Who listened patiently without judging me.
Who meekly spoke without labeling me a demon.
Who prayed for me without preying on my weakness.

Christ love for me,
They reminded me.

God's hatred for my sins and not me,
They drummed into my hearing.

God's restorative power,
They emphasized to me.

The seven falls of a righteous man,
They outlined.

His victorious rise from the fall,
They stressed upon.

"Build a stronger communion with the Holy Spirit"
They urged.

"A beginning of greater things in your life"
They prayed for me.

My peace returned within minutes.
My courage doubled within the hour.

The mercy seat, I approached.
The well of life, I raced to through prayers.
Drawing draughts to quench my thirst for Him.
Fetching buckets filled with faith to quench my fear of the future.

To the well of life, they led me.
My intercessors who desired no gold.
Sisters in Christ who encapsulated the full definition of love.
Daughters of Zion who heaven rejoices in.

My gems.
God's treasures

okonta kosi