The punisher, he was called
A beast who never cowered in face of anything.
Dealing blows to enemy backs at every moment.
Dishing out hot slaps to everyone who dared to step on his shoes.
Dispensing pain medications, through his fists, to everyone who did not agree with him
Shelling out wads of cash to ensure the downfall of any rival.

'Alaroye' (newspaper), she was called.
A priest whose mouth never kept secrets.
A witch whose eyes never beheld any good deed.

Raining down invectives on all and sundry.
Bringing a stain upon every good relationship she comes in contact.
Cutting down men and women in their prime with decietful tales.
Distributing juicy scandalous tit bits for the quick cash and fame,
Giving zero concern for the lives of those involved in the scandal.

Jogunomi o!
Lest your end come in a swift manner.
A shameful demise that would imprint a dreadful stigma on your generations to come

Rest your oars from these wicked acts.
For a resting place awaits six feet below for the proponents of these acts.

Digest the bitter pill of humility and moderation.
A medication to cure bitterness towards men.
A panacea to rid mankind of excessive greed that drives many into devising illicit and harmful means  of acquiring wealth.
Photo credit: World Peace logo

okonta kosi