LOVE (Guest Post)

Top of the morning to you friends.
Today we have a unique guest post from Odumosu Oluwafunke to bless our lives with.

What is love?
Who is love?

Explore love with our heart felt stories today.

Love wasn’t a new concept to him,

Yet he had decided long before that he wasn’t worth loving,

He couldn’t believe his luck that anyone will choose to love him!

For his evil reputation was enough reason for anyone to keep away


He wasn’t no Romeo and thus lacked a Juliet

For who would want to love a beast,

So he was surprised when love was professed to him so deeply and true

He was a man who loved no one but himself.


Don’t be too quick to castigate him

For he had tried to show love in his own way but all seemed abortive,

His very nature was evil

And couldn’t help but show it malicious face

This left a trail of broken hearted people,

And in cases when the love appeared to be growing

His virulent neighbour the warmonger and wouldn’t leave him in peace .


The records show clearly that,

A number of people had tried redeeming him

At the end, it was all a façade

As all soon left when the beast in him demonstrated,

All wanted to love him for the good in him alone!

For they all seem to forget that coins had two unfamiliar sides


This new lover was very unwavering!

He simply refuses to give up on him,

And thus he accepted the proposal

Trying all within himself he decided to make this new love work

He was on a quest to be a Romeo to his new found Juliet

A long distance relationship it was,

Nevertheless communication was at its peak!

The love blossomed progressively.


Then the tide turned,

For the beast in him manifested!

Creating unpleasant differences

He started cheating on his lover,

The communication reduced to its barest minimum

He thought it was already over .


The moment he was deciding to end the relationship

Came the call…………………………………………………….

He termed the transformation call

The call that confirmed that his lover was different

Which made him realise he was worth loving

That he wasn’t entirely a beast.


Where others had given up there he loves,  

He always knocks at the door of the heart

Keeping his promise to redeem where others has failed

Overlooking his excesses and loving him the more


His new lover is Christ,

Who knocked constantly at the door of his heart,

Until he finally yielded to be loved

God took the beast in him and made him a saint.


 In addition for the first time,

 He had someone who didn’t listen to his virulent neighbour,

A lover who understood the two sides he had

Who is on a quest to make him better,

This left an everlasting joy in his life ‘

Finally, the imprint of real love is in his heart

For who needed the love of Juliet when he had the love of Christ .

Odumosu Oluwafunke Tiwalade is a lady saved by grace, who loves the Lord and believes in His ability to repair broken walls, through THE WORD AND PRAYERS!
She blogs at

okonta kosi