On a sail in a raft
Sea heaving in riotous rhythm
Angry typhoon gaining ground.
Skies dark with a clear message intended.
"Time to give up and quit"

A vigorous paddling
Heart fixed on survival
Human wit relied on for wisdom
Weak arms relied on for strength

Faster the typhoon approaches
The end is clear in sight and scope.
All seems lost.
A prayer for swift death on the lips.
A light shines forth
Silver lining in the midst of the dark clouds.
To warm and cheer troubled mind.
Calming the deathly rumbles.
Reining back the rampaging storm.

The light has a name.
A personal saviour to abide with the helpless.
The light has a purpose
To give hope to the troubled minds.
The light has a name.

The name Jesus.
The person Jesus.

okonta kosi