Thanks Kate Montaung for this Five minutes Friday prompt.
With the prompt being SAFE, I thought it good to write about how safe I feel everything I am with my lord.

My God my Lord
Binding me to Him with a chord of love.
Nudging me towards peace with his rod and staff.

For years I trod on paths of sin
My feet shod with sandals of pleasure.
Gathered around me were a squad of fear and failure.

Until I crossed the Rubicon of pleasure.
Sex held no more spice
Money brought no joy
New cars brought no peace
Nite clubs ushered in more trouble.

I had it all
Yet they held nothing.
For they were all vain acquisitions.

Then our paths crossed.
The local preacher told me a story about the cross
How you left your throne to come across
All to remove my sinful dross

I wondered how you could bear it all
How you could see my sin and not be appalled
How the sight of my filth never made your skin crawl
For I see myself in the mirror and I am indeed galled 

Then he told me of your love
Of your amazing touch that could wipe it all away
Of you wonderful hands that could make me whole
Of your tender arms where I could find rest.
And your solemn temples where I can be Safe.

In those arms I found rest
In those eyes I saw how much your loved me.
In your temple I found true joy.
With you I became an overcomer.

okonta kosi