Sound it to the farthest regions
Jesus is coming.
Tell it to the doubting hearts
The messiah will return

On a cloud of glory
With a retinue of trumpets
Riding in as a victorious king
Coming to take you home.

Sound it to the waiting brides.
Gird up your virgin attires.
Your head covered with a gele of holiness.
Your waist firmly covered with an akwa-ocha of joy
Your feet firmly shod with high heels of evangelical victories.
Your neck fully adored with beads of charity.
Your wrists firmly fitted with bangles of patience.

Scream it to the wavering minds.
Look around and marvel at His works.
Turn the flashlight within and affirm the weakness of the human will.
Research and uncover the changes He brings into a willing heart.
Inquire the true consequences of denying His existence
Understand that everything under the sun and outside Him is vanity.

Sound it to the old maids in the world.
Your Tom tom is on His way.
Your Olowo ori is coming to make good His promises.
Your dim oma is coming to wipe all tears away.

Sound it to the entire universe.
Jesus is coming back.

okonta kosi