Hello esteemed friends.
Here is another powerful article from the pen on Odumosu Oluwafunke Tiwalade. I pray you are blessed as you read.

The thunder roared.
The lightning took different forms.
Even the stars dimmed
The moon seemed to fade out.
The brightness gradually lost its purpose in the midst of the chaos.

Men fears increased.
Living things wondered.

The readers of the clouds and time confirmed it was time.
Time for the whole earth to lose hope.

The demons rejoiced.
Even the serpent bragged of its wit.
Finally the earth is mine !

He came to my abode,
Thinking I could be defeated.

Humans uncertainties increased.
The earth experienced an increased mixture of sadness and joy;

Joy on the part of the devil devotees;
Fear registered in the hearts of the righteous

Decision making process began,
Massive decamping were recorded
So many had forgotten the promises!


In the midst of the darkness,
None noticed the veil being torn .

Those who noticed, attributed it to the devil.
“Alas! he has come to take over the temple too" came the cry.

None noticed the earthquake,
Those who did, attributed it to the end of the world

None noticed the dead coming back to life.
Those who did, attributed  it to a zombie outbreak.


From His throne, God roared again,

 “why why why are my children not seeing as I see ?
Why can't they see that the darkness is not the beginning of the rule of evil?
But like the beginning, I am working on the waters.

Bringing light where there is darkness;
Order out of confusion;
Life in the place of death;
Substance in the place of void.

Oo Children, you all need to see as I see.
For the death is the beginning of  life
And as the beginning  commandment to form things that are not ,to things that be  

Why can't they see that the death is
Is the beginning of a life?
The  ending  of separation and the beginning of a reunion

A new creation has been born
With a new mandate
One they can't trade this time.
One which they are immune to the world and the devil

Unlike the beginning
The man has defeated the devil before he is even tempted ,
The man has strength to say no
The woman resists and the devil flees
Unlike the beginning the truth is now accepted on earth

The truth; the confusion didn't birth a BEGINING of the devil rule, however it birthed the SONS OF GOD
We are the SONS, we defy all odds

For now we know and accept that the death was the beginning of the refining of Priest
One who have defeated even before they are tempted
One who have truly and fully taken the image and likeness of the father

We are defiance
We take our rightful place!

Glory to the KING
Who has ordained us to reign just like the beginning
We make no mistakes now
Glory for the King reigns !

 Odumosu Oluwafunke Tiwalade is a lady saved by grace, who loves the Lord and believes in His ability to repair broken walls, through THE WORD AND PRAYERS! 

okonta kosi