Yi o ti buru to
It would be terrible

Yi o ti dun eniyan to o
It would be immensely painful

Ka pe oruko ni Ijoba orun, ka si wa o ti o
For heaven to call out names and we should search for yours in vain.

I woke up with the above song on my lips.
A cup-ful of tears being shed by my heart as it reflected on the meaning.

The night sleep was terrible.

Laced with fitful twists and turns.
Faced with a scene of tearful persists and spurns
Filled with skillful throwing of fists and burns.
Mouths filled with wistful prayers to be reborn.

The stench of their burning bodies nauseated me.
The heat of the place dehydrated me
The sight of their struggles devastated me
The shouts of their pain agitated me.
Their unspoken message, like the rich man's, penetrated my mind.

Gory was the sight,
Till a chariot swept me away in a furious flight.
Unto a place where there was a glorious light;
Where boldness replaced my dreadful fright;
And a new dawn took away the dreadful night.

These people were different.

All decked in royalty.
Shirts glistening with pure radiance.
Feet firmly shod with raw gold.
Heads adorned with crowns that transcends explanation of human languages.

Mansions abounding at every end.
Melodious songs arising from voices which blend.

This; I wanted.
The former; I loathed.
My mind was made up; Undaunted.
The message of life; I advocated.

Because of Jesus's death; we stand acquitted.
On Ancient words (the bible); I urge you to be addicted.
His vineyard, I urge you to till; to be rewarded.

On His promises I urge you to stand; when you are afflicted.
The full armor I urge you to put on: when confronted.
And quickly I urge you to rise; perhaps if you have been felled.

Arise! Quick.
Join up with the advancing battalions of Christ.

And please, help raise a fellow soldier up.
For envy and hatred amongst the brethren thins (breaks up) the battalion faster than the darts of the evil one.

okonta kosi