Miesiere Imaami.
A lovely morning to you my love.
My knight whose lance is stained with the blood of my enemies.
Clothes dirtied from winning the tug of war for my soul.
The high priest of my salvation, hands clasped; ever pleading my case.

Lolo' m the best husband whose ears are ever attentive to my prayers.

Nna'm the best father whose gifts are without sorrow nor repentance.

Abadi e my husband?
How are doing today?
How bountiful are your blessings today.
How excellent is your name today.
How tenderful are your mercies today.

I have here once more.

To declare the lengths of my praise and the depths of my love for you.
To top up my subscription of thanks which has run low from forgetfulness.
To tune into your radio broadcast for the day and drink from the pool of wisdom.

To sign up for free downloads of your blessings which abound at your website.
To hack into the devil's bank account and withdraw every last penny he stole from me in my moment of weakness.
To seat at your table and consume every last 'iyan', 'amala' and semovita which you place before me.

Yes. I am here.
To sing your oriki as a loving faithful 'aya oba' which I am.
To prepare your pot of 'Ofe Onugbu' and pound your favourite yam of praise.

I am here to tell you.
Daalu ihe g'mere m.
Oshe fun gbo nkan ti o se fun mi..
Sosogho Eti Eti Abasi

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