Perhaps I am mad.
Maybe a screwbolt is loose in my head and that causes me to dance strange.
Maybe a loony bat has bitten me and infected me with that fever that manifests through wild dance.
Maybe my village people have finally located my 'loco' button and maybe their one year old child is pressing it incessantly like a male child does to a barbie doll.
Or maybe the spirit of David has possessed a willing host and started manifesting.
Either way, the personal victories I get would determine the real truth of the matter.

Perhaps I am a big fool.
Maybe I have big dumb drooly ears that refuse to listen to any advice that I should become 'sharp'
Maybe the spirit of poverty has so held on to me that I am not willing to pass through any other 'fast' route to making money.
Maybe my wife is a very mellow 'nkita' (dog) that has refused to bark daily into my ears; reminding me of the need to be like my friends and add a couple of zeros to every cheque book.
Maybe I am stuck in the old ways, refusing to upgrade to the 'Ebuka' kind of tailor and still remaining dead serious in my deals.
Or maybe I have chosen to stick to the principles of the one who has called me into His marvellous light.
Either way, His words to me on that last day as well as the crowns I would get would determine if I was indeed smart or very stupid.

Perhaps I am a gross failure
Maybe I have chosen to ignore other pursuits and stuck my guns to saving the lost.
Maybe the angel that shares riches decided to skip visiting my abode and I refused to chase intensely after him, instead choosing to chase the lost souls.
Maybe I have forgotten that it would be easier to give my cash and then allow others to go and face the guns while preaching the goodnews.
Maybe my brain is leaking and has failed to process the information that my destination is an evil forest where twin babies are left to die and evil gnomes with two hundred and sixteen penises roam around naked.
Or maybe I have decided that to live and die in the service of Christ is gain.
Either way, the kind of ovation which would welcome me when I reach that eternal city would determine if it was all worth it.

Perhaps, I am a big he goat with no sense residing in my skull.
Maybe I am very stupid for not realizing that science is king and that miracles are not real.
Maybe the ant of pain has eaten the softest parts of my brain and that has made me a zombie that believes wholeheartedly in the power of faith.
Maybe the thing they said about me falling on my head when I was a child is correct and I am expecting a miracle when the situation looks dead.
Maybe I do not understand that the laws of the universe remain the same and nothing can just cause my broken spinal cord to repair suddenly.
Or maybe I have decided to plant my mustard seed of faith into the ground while expecting a rain.
Either way, my testimonies would determine if I am a mad man for believing or they are the mad ones for not believing.

okonta kosi