Long are the hands of Edumare
Extending beyond the entire universe in length.
Saving all those who the eternal eye remains fixated upon.

Owo Jehovah gun gan ore.
Many constants exist but this trumps all
Many lords reign but one Soverign overrules all
Many currencies fail but faith never
Many gods fail, slain with the blade of time, but He owns time.
Many amulets fail, their potency robbed by crazy taboos, by His remains unadulterated as ever.
Many cutlasses become blunt when encountering harder surfaces but none can render my Father useless.

You that is afar off hiding under the bridge of pain.
You, biting off your nails due to the jittery fear of the future, come.
You, dusting afresh the speckles of dust from your file, come.
You, distraught from struggling against that cancerous addiction, come.
You, presently disgusted by the impervious antics of your child, come.

Ti enu ko
Power does not lie in the hoarseness of your voice.
Success never seeps out from the reservoir of intense handwork.
Favour never taxies in the runway of the strongman.
Abundance of health does not reside in the exclusive domain of the rich
Peace of mind is not a guaranteed additional perk to those who cross the shores of the country into another.
And miracles are not premiere shows that are reserved for those who are wealthy.

Suretete ba Jesu bi ose nlo.
Quicken your footsteps to meet with Jesus.
Engage in some 'Woo-saah' mind clearance to remove the last bastions of doubt in you.
Revv-up th woodcutter and cut down that growing stump of ingratitude before it transforms into a gigantic tree of pride.
Suretete lo ba Jesu
He is waiting for you today.

okonta kosi