Environmental Protection

The first responsibility that we all have as human beings is to the environment. On a daily basis we have to keep thinking up better ways to protect our ecosystem because it requires our conscious help for its existence.
Why should be bother about the environment and why should our business practices be undertaken in a way as to guarantee safety of the environment?
The answer to that question is Global warming.
Since the beginning of mankind, no other century has witnessed a united call for the protection of the environment like the 21st century and the reason is that the safety of the planet is at stake. A quick search of the term on the Internet reveals that Global warming, also referred to as climate change, is the observed century-scale rise in the average temperature of the Earth's climate system and its related effect.
The effects of global warming in recent times, includes
·      The rise in sea levels- this development is one that continues to threaten the existence of modern cities. Cities, which are dangerously close to seas such as the Atlantic and Pacific, have steadily plans in motion that would protect their residents from any form of flooding.
·      The melting of the Alps- Over the course of years, glaciers continue to melt off due to rapid increase of the sun's heat. This rapid and massive defrost of the Alps has meant that numerous animals, which thrive in such conditions, are slowly becoming extinct. The melting ice is threatening animal habitations such as those of the polar bears’ and Eskimos as well are being faced with the threat of homelessness.
Haven understood what global warming is and some of its effects on the environment; the important question to ask is, what causes Global warming?
The quick answer to that is Carbon Pollution that arises out of human and industrial actions. Since the dawn of humankind, we have left carbon footprints on the earth that has continued to cause troubles for the atmosphere. As regards businesses, industrial activities makes up for more than 70 percent of the entire carbon emissions into the atmosphere and that number will only increase except businesses begin to adopt carbon free environmental practices.

Some of the practices that your business can adopt are;

·      Switch from fossil fuel to solar power
Most businesses are already making the leap from the use of fossil fuel to solar energy. Following the United Nations climate summit held in 2014, countries signed a historic pact that ensured that policies that restricted carbon emissions were Instituted. This meant that many companies, especially in the automobile industry began to switch from cars that run on fossil fuel, to electric cars. In your business in particular, you can invest into getting solar photovoltaic panels that would power up your business place. This particular choice of power may be more expensive than the traditional power source but it would be one that will be beneficial to the environment in the long run.

·      Creation of sustainable structures
This would be discussed on a broader level when I give the examples of businesses within Masdar city. The creation of a sustainable business model that takes the environment into consideration is usually a culmination of a process of in-depth planning. You will have to organize your team in order to come up with sustainable policies that would be useful to the environment. Such policies may include the drastic reduction of water use within the business building and a purchase of a recycling system that makes the water safe for reuse. Another business practice that can be engaged within is the switch from production of plastic materials to the use of biodegradable substances. Plastic materials over the years have been one of the highest sources of pollution that depletes the marine biodiversity as well as causing humanitarian challenges across the world. In order to stop this, your business can switch towards the use of biodegradable materials in making products so that the materials can easily decompose and not create pollution to the environment.
Let us see an example of a model that brought this policy into reality.
Dr. Moses Kizza Musaazi from the University of Makerere in Uganda, is the popular creator of Makapads. Makapad is a sanitary pad that is low cost in nature and totally made from papyrus. His passion for reducing the death rates that were occurring within his immediate environment, and the fact that he wished to stop the pollution of the environment which was brought on by other sanitary products, made him to come up with the product. At the moment, this is an excellent business model because it is not only addressing a humanitarian challenge, but helping the environment as well, due to the use of papyrus.
For individuals who wish to begin fashion brands, you should begin to channel your efforts towards establishing an eco fashion brand that makes use of biodegradable materials as well as recyclable materials.
·      Support for environment advocacy groups

Every business that remains in the Top 500 Fortune list is usually renown for coming up with a vibrant policy that concerns the protection of the environment as well as support for environmental advocacy groups. Your business should be one that always supports the environmental groups with funds because it showcases your commitment to ensuring that everyone is informed about the dangers of global warming.

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