First of all, We really are so delighted that you are interested in writing for Bashoruns Blog!

What We are Looking For:

  • Topics that fit with our mission{add link to About us page}
  • How you go about encouraging people to give God glory and priority is up to you. You are free to be creative with your style, format and voice

What We Need From You:

  • The content that you post on our blog needs to be original. You may provide a suggested image(s) if you desire
  • Try to write your posts so they are long enough to engage, but short enough to not lose someone’s attention. 500-700 words per post is a good number. If it is much longer, consider breaking it up for a series
  • Please include a picture and a brief bio (a few sentences) including links to your blog/twitter/fb so our readers can find you (if applicable)
  • Promote via social media as you see fit so we can expand our reach. We will do the same for you
  • Email your submissions to bashorunsblog@gmail.com. Please include the post in the body of the e-mail

Thanks so much for your interest in writing for the BashorunsBlog. We can’t wait to hear from you!