Bashorun is a brand birthed in 2013. The goal is to spread the message of Hope, through Jesus Christ to all nations, by every means possible.
We use poetry and other forms of written words as means to
·         Mend broken hearts
·         Heal wounded souls
·         Show the way towards Calvary’s cross where Jesus grants victory to all
Bashorun is a Yoruba name for a chief who is likened to a prime minister in a state. We are all called to show forth the light of Christ Jesus through the message of Love.
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Authors Message

You are very welcome to Bashoruns blog. Thank you very much for visiting and I sincerely hope that you will be an active member in helping to fulfill the goal of this blog. A good friend of mine told me that to every life is tied fifty thousand destinies which he must touch before he dies. I pray for peace and blessings to come on you as you join me in bringing light and hope to our generation.
I am Nkwuka Kosi Chibuikem, a writer and History graduate who hopes to brighten your sad moments and introduce you to the ‘Bestest’ friend ever. The man JESUS CHRIST.

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